Monday, 7 October 2013

Y2015 ≠X: naija no dey break (pidgin version)

Y2015 ≠X. 
Week 1

For two years na only 2015 everbody jus dey talk about! All the newspapers no wan yarn about anytin else na only 2015 dem wan use blind our eyes.  Wetin concern man wey sick with 2015, wetin concern hungry man with 2015, wetin concern man wey no fit feed family tday with 2015. Abeg e don do! E for make sense die if to say na to develop our country for we dem dey talk about such as to give us light so at least pipo wey get business no go dey waste money for dizol, or reduce the charge wen bank dey charge pesin wey wan borrow money to start im own bizness so at least all d plenty pipo wey go school go fit find work and man no go dey enter all dis crime wey dey cos wahala for everybody even police and army pipo. E for better if all we dey talk about na say we wan dey produce more goods  wey no include crude oyel wey we go send abroad so dat we go fit make more money for we country and our pipo join or even sef to repya all d hospital dem for dis country and make mericine dey cheaper and boku so dat sick pesin go get hope;  but no be so! Everytin na 2015 2015. All our politicians and dem jonalists sef wan use 2015 blind we eye. Every newpaper na Jonathan and 2015, say naija go break, dis wan go happen , dat wan go happen if GEJ no run or be president for 2015. All na lie, notin dey happen, dat 2015 sef na us go choose who we want and naija no ge break weda we choose Jona o or we choose Ariyo o na us go choose and notin dey happen. War no go happen at all, dem just wan make we fear but dem don fail. If Jona wan run oh na im get himself, if e wan run na between him and wateve party e choose dat wan concern ordinary naija men and women.  If e get ticket den we go judge weda all the promise e give before since 2011 , weda we see any result, if we see, den n aim luck, if we no see na still im luck. We no go let our papa dem use their pikin fight war wey no make sense all becos dem wan chop money or protect wetin dem tiff, dat wan no go happen. Blood no go flow for 2105. Gbam!
All naija want d same tin,  wetin we want na job, food, mericine, freedom, and peace, we no dey want wahala. So na the pesin wey go give us dis things n aim we go give power for 2015 weda anybody like am or not. All doz politishan wey no wan gree hear make dem jus retire jeje or we go retire dem. We no go fit manage dis naija if d pipo wey we elect tink say na to dey use bag of rice or beans or to dey trowey money for our face wen election come n aim go win election. D money sef na awa own so who dem wan treat like dog. We don vex! Every body wan get power but wetin dem wan use am for ? my pipo make we tink am wella and make we see judge wetin these pipo wey wan be senator or govnor or president wan use dat power for, because d money wen dem go spend na awa money no be their money so make we no send weda d person get money or e no get money, na weda e fit do awa work na im we sopos use judge am.  Tink am sef, if your broad or sista be doctor and e dey kill patients abeg u go give am body make e operate? No! so make we no blind awa eye dey give power to anyhow pesin wey no sabi do work for us. Na us go suffa if we no hear.
We all be naija pipo and we sopos dey make sure say we know wetin government dey do everyday. Na awa work be dat!
D same way wey driver wey dey drive anyhow and passenger no dey talk na d same way awa leaders dey drive naija and everybody dey keep quiet! Na wen passenger complain na den driver dey open eye dey drive well and no dey sleep again na wetin we sopos dey do for naija! So make we begin collect the steering for d drivers so dat we go carry naija wia we want make e go.

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